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Tweets will be indexed by Google

More than 60 percent of all Internet users opt to use Google for a search engine compared to less than 10 percent of users who opt to use Bing. This became problematic when Twitter and Google discontinued their relationship in 2011 to show Twitter posts in Google searches. This practice, of not indexing tweets prevented many users from getting “live” ...

Internet Marketing Online: 10 Flaming Hot Ways To Fire-up Your Sales

  Why do some websites sell more than others? Why are some people making more money at their websites more than others? Is it the content of the site? The design of the site? The product? What is the trick? Below I reveal to you 10 internet marketing online, magical tricks that you may use to explode your sales: 1. Give people a deadline to order. Tell people ...

Three Strategies to boost traffic to your website

Three Traffic Boosting Strategies for Your Website! Every day, on line marketers are dreaming up new ways to gain targeted traffic to their websites; and, almost every beginning marketer will take any kind of traffic to their website because the sign of traffic helps build confidence in the practice of learning to market products, goods, or services over the Internet. Be ...

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be a leader and master in our field, providing Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) world class internet strategies that promote brand awareness and revenue growth local and global.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to fulfill our vision. We have invested in professional training, internationally recognized software and partnered with the leading companies in the industry in order provide expert, world class services to our clients at affordable rates
  • Our Values

    The company values are guide lines for all employees designed to facilitate the achievements of our company goals. We listen to our customers and develop flexible and creative ways to meet their needs, thus making us true partners with our clients in the success of their business.
  • What Our Clients Say

    Excellent and quick Service
    I would say, I was rather lucky to be referred to Optimal Web Services. The services was quick and professional. I would recommend anyone who want a domain, web-hosting and website set up
    Benedict Nyathi, Victoria Falls

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