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Search Engine Consultancy in Zimbabwe

This package is for those with websites but wondering if their websites are working for them or against them. They are not getting any orders, enquiries, and signups for newsletters etc.  You are not sure if your site receives any traffic at all.  You don’t know your current ranking in the search engines, you are not sure if your website is optimized for competitive keywords, you are not sure if your site and link structure is properly optimized at all or you have no idea what to do to start doing business online.

You are undecided on the proper marketing methods that will bring targeted traffic to your site without spending more money.

Order our Search engine Consultancy and we will analyze your website, give you detailed reports on the discrepancies of your website and what has to be done to start receiving that envied traffic from search engines. We also give expert advice on pay per click advertising.

The search engine consultancy reports you will get are but not limited to.

  • Web site Ranking (current positions of the site on search engines for theme keywords)
  • Web site Quality (site aptitude for further optimization)
  • Website Conversion (quality of traffic that the site receives)
  • Spam test (whether or not the site unknowingly uses spam-like techniques)
  • Optimization state (how well the site is optimized for theme keywords)
  • Link popularity and keyword theme.

Consultation starts from $100.00

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  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be a leader and master in our field, providing Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) world class internet strategies that promote brand awareness and revenue growth local and global.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to fulfill our vision. We have invested in professional training, internationally recognized software and partnered with the leading companies in the industry in order provide expert, world class services to our clients at affordable rates
  • Our Values

    The company values are guide lines for all employees designed to facilitate the achievements of our company goals. We listen to our customers and develop flexible and creative ways to meet their needs, thus making us true partners with our clients in the success of their business.
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