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Search Engine Optimization Services in Zimbabwe  | SEO Services in Zimbabwe

Search engine optimization is the process of coding the website html structure and organizing the file structure of a website to achieve high rankings in natural (organic) search results when keywords that your website is optimized for are searched.  Optimal Web Services provides SEO Services at affordable rates in Zimbabwe.

Search Engine Optimisation is often overlooked by web developers and business owners yet it is a crucial process that every website  has to undergo to achieve high rankings. Search engine Optimisation process enable a website to target a specific market niche that you serve and increases your ranking in search results page when a search related to your keywords is done.  Having a website which is not optimized is like building a grocery store in the bush and expecting customers to find.

If you are not sure whether your website is optimized for the correct audience, Order search engine consultancy to have your website analyzed. We will scrutinize every part of your website and  give your expert advice on what has to be done to optimize your website.

If your website is optimized, spiders or search engine robots will find and index your pages for inclusion in the search results page. To achieve indexing by search engines, you either submit your website to search engines for indexing or build incoming links to your website to help spiders find your website.

Unlike Pay per Click Advertising, search engine results start to show after some time. For a high ranking it is advisable to continuously promote your website in search engine through incoming links.

Search Engine Optimization on its own has no guarantee for high ranking in search engines but once your website is optimized success is guaranteed when you engage Pay Per Click Advertising and Search Engine Promotion to further increase your rankings in search engines.


What we do fully optimize your website  for high rankings is but not limited to the following

  • Research keywords that best describe your business, products or services and with high monthly searches and preferable low competition.
  • Rewrite the html content of your website to include keywords in important parts of your html code without altering the theme of your website.
  • Restructure the file structure of your website so that search engines can easily index your web pages.
  • Submit your website to  leading search engines and directories. Leading search engines include google, yahoo, bing and others. Top directories are Dmoz, yahoo among others. Paid listings in top directories can be arranged for early indexing of your web pages by search engines.
  • Monitor the performance of your website and report thereon for three months.
  • We will re-optimize or tune your website in response to its performance after 1 month and finalize the website optimization process after 2 months.

You will also get the following services.

We will set up web analytics service to help you understand your visitors.  This will arm you with almost 80 reports analyzing the traffic to your website. These reports will help you understand sources of the traffic to your site , duration spent on your site, exit pages, number of visitors to your site etc. This service is $15 per month for 5 pages if purchases separately.
We will monitor the uptime of your website and report thereon. Also a paid service if purchased serately.


Benefits of Search Engine Optimization and search engine marketing.

A high ranking in search engine results pages has become a business necessity. High rankings have been found to increase the following characteristics.

  • Site traffic
  • Perceived relevance
  • Trust and
  • High rate of conversion to sales.

Search engine optimization packages start from US$200   Fill the form be low to receive a custom quote.

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  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be a leader and master in our field, providing Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) world class internet strategies that promote brand awareness and revenue growth local and global.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to fulfill our vision. We have invested in professional training, internationally recognized software and partnered with the leading companies in the industry in order provide expert, world class services to our clients at affordable rates
  • Our Values

    The company values are guide lines for all employees designed to facilitate the achievements of our company goals. We listen to our customers and develop flexible and creative ways to meet their needs, thus making us true partners with our clients in the success of their business.
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    excellent job on our website
    We will always be gratefull for the great job optimizing our website. We rant 2nd for "Classifieds Zimbabwe" in Google
    Classified Ads Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls

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